Wednesday, May 25, 2011

suri is a fruit loop

suri's auntie sky said:
"suri is a fruit loop in a world of cheerios."
hehee. yer darn tootin' she is!

miss out on a week with suri and you miss out on A LOT.
just this past week:
  1. sunday: we realized suri knew how to wave bye-bye on cue.   i was a proud mama. (still clapping too - even when she's crying. LOL.)
  2. monday: suri moved from the little baby room to the "big girl" baby room at daycare. they are mobile in there and she is learning by leaps and bounds already.
  3. tuesday: suri is a master at rolling over - before she would cry bloody murder after two minutes of tummy time!
  4. today: suri is skyping. 

here she is skyping with my mom and grandma.
she sat so still when her great-grandma got on the screen. 
i think she liked her glasses.
and probably recognized her voice.
seriously melts my heart.

and, of course, her grandpa got in on the action.
no, that's not a thai movie star, that's my dad. LMAO!
(he calls it "sky cam".)
i gotta say, i've been quite impressed by how tech-savvy
my dad's been with his new laptop.

suri's absolute favorite food right now are superpuffs.
she cannot get enough of them!

they come in various flavors.
the super purples are blueberry and purple sweet potato.
super greens are spinach and apple.
super reds are beet and strawberry.
i tasted some - they are delicious!
(we get them at babies-r-us.)

here she is being a good sport while we force her to
try on a two-piece swimsuit.

i cannot wait to take her to the water park.
she has so much fun splish-splashing at bathtime.
(btw, it was a bit snug and i ended up taking it back.)

one of  favorite toys right now is this reese's bunny.
she got it for easter from her grandma.
when you push the belly, kids sing:
"reeses give me some, reeses want one now."
nestle, you are geniuses.

she also still LOVES books.
i'm very proud of this because i hope to
instill in her the love of reading.

next week, she turns 10 months!
time just flies.
i'm guessing that any day now, she'll decide she wants to crawl.

my baby girl, you are definitely a fruit loop.

Monday, May 9, 2011

the perfect pella tulip time

my absolute favorite "fair-type" event is pella tulip time.
it even trumps iowa state fair in my mind. triple-time.

hubby is from pella, so we try get back every year.
the weather was gooooorgeous.

they have tulips in every color imaginable:
yellow, pink, orange, purple, black-ish, red...

i'm still on my yellow kick.

it was a big crowd, but people are mostly friendly.
must be a small-town requirement, even if you're visiting.

in the town square, the entire crowd stopped and turned
for the star-spangled banner and the dutch anthem.
it was surreal - it went from crazy-noisy to silent.
the singer did a fabulous job.

of course, we has to take a family pic in the wooden shoes.

for sweets, we always eat poffertjes, dutch letters and the
most delicious funnel cake anywhere...because of the fresh strawberries!

i had to sneak a visit to the local scrapbook store.
(conveniently located at the town square.)

i purchased these journaling cards.
these ended up costing me $8. yikes!
(i am not ashamed to be a frugal scrapbooker.)

but, the store was super cute and had tons of
unique nostalgic and vintage-y stuff.

suri was a dream baby and loved people-watching.
she chillaxed in her stroller and munched on her feet. lol!

auntie sky joined us too.
(my baby sister.)

if she didn't have her rockstar shades on,
you could tell we look a lot a like.
matching dimples. hehee.

hubby's favorites are the shishkabobs and
pella bologne on a stick, of course.

yes, we came for the food.
but, the tulips, dance performances, dutch traditions,
parades, and shops were a definitely plus.
it was a wonderful time.