Monday, October 1, 2012

dear Fall, i love you

really can't believe it's oct already.

i was driving along this morning and
thought "oh my gosh, it's beautiful out."
the leaves are changing color,
the weather is a little brisk,
the sun is shining.
i love it.
that's the thing about Fall.
it stops you in your tracks and makes
you appreciate your surroundings.

i've always loved Fall.
when i was little, i used to love that
school was starting again.
(this was back when school started
after labor day weekend. remember that?)
i love getting to wear cardigans, scarves and boots.
i love lighting candles.
i love celebrating our anniversaries (american + asian weddings).
i love reminiscing with my sisters when my
grandparent's birthdays come up.
i love the smell of bonfires when i step outside.
i love all of it.
sept / oct / nov >> all my faves.

sure, i love Spring too.
don't get me wrong, Spring is lovely.
but, moreso i love Spring by default.
Spring is like that rebound relationship after
Winter has treated you like absolute shit.

Fall is where my heart belongs.
where i feel completely like myself.
happy and content.
carefree. and usually more productive.
Fall gets me.

how about you? what's your favorite season?

if i had to choose for babygirl,
she'd probably say summer.
she'd live off watermelon, swim everyday,
wear her diva sunglasses and
paint her nails hot pink every darn day.

xo, m