Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Two: Dig Deeper

Day Two of Insanity Workout. Really hard. I stopped mid-way to take off my shirt, because I was sweating like crazy and hotter than heck. This coming from someone who naturally doesn't sweat that much.

It wasn't until the last third of the DVD that I had to take additional rest breaks from those allotted in the video. (Okay, it was more like laying there on the ground panting for air.) But, I still continued on as best I could. Totally worth it.

I like that the exercises are simple not much of a learning curve. The idea is to keep pushing yourself. "Dig deeper" as Shawn T. says. He, by the way, I love. I've never really liked the workout hosts much. (Hubby has P90X and we also have a old version of Zumba.)
Shawn T. is motivating and clear on his instructions. Little reminders like:
Keep your knees soft.
Stretch with your chest, not your head.
Don't sacrifice form for speed.
Think like a power squat, use your body from the bottom up. (Something like that.)

No air of arrogance about him I like that. He's just really good at what he does and seems like a genuinely caring trainer. Yes, I can tell all this from watching him on the TV. LOL!

I made Hubby and myself open-faced salmon burgers with grilled onions, an egg and asparagus. That's a multigrain thin bun on the bottom. Partially because we got a very large box of wild salmon burgers from Sam's Club. Hubby loves them, but I prefer my salmon raw and in sushi. Different toppings definitely help.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

21 days of healthy

Research has shown that it takes 21 days to create a habit or break a habit. With that in mind, I've challenged myself to "21 Days of Healthy". I'm just sick of feeling shitty all the time. I really WANT to feel better. And I'm gonna make it happen.

(Not to mention, we have a couple of vacations on the horizon. Yessss, all the more reason to get my act together.)

What exactly does "HEALTHY" entail for me?

ONE. Losing the weight that I've been referring to as "baby weight", but should really just call "weight". I mean Suri is 2 1/2 years old now for gawd's sake. Ten pounds is my weight-loss goal. I just want my body to be built differently less fat, more lean muscles. I want to FEEL healthy.

TWO. Go balls-to-the-wall with exercise. Truth be told, I've been a bit lackadaisical for the last couple of years. To combat that, I've committed myself to the Insanity workout. My theory is that I need something to kick my ass, until I get hooked on the feel-good benefits. If I can just get in the habit, I think the rest should be gravy. (Sidenote: I did the Fit Test today, puked, then kept on going. I consider this a WIN, since I pushed through. :) I'm both scared and excited for tomorrow's workout.)

THREE. Eating better and cooking on a consistent basis. We tend to be a vegetable-loving family, so it's just a matter of execution for me. I need to be better at meal planning, meal prepping and cleaning as I go.

I'm excited for the next 20 days and ready to take it on. You'll be seeing more posts to come. (I had accidentally deleted all my photos from this blog while setting up Google+ and finally cleaned up my mess. Looking forward to blogging again.)

#21daysofhealthy >>> If you're interested, join me!!