Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY 'i carry your heart' mug

in case you missed it,
i did my very first guest post
at GOMHP last friday
for the lovely brooke's
"friday randomness".
it was fun!
(i'll be guest posting in march too. yay!)

here's the "meat" of last week's post
with instructions for my DIY mug...


  1. Porcelaine pen markers can be found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby for $4ish. Make sure to shake it well, then "pump" the ink into the tip by pushing it against a piece of paper. (This mug was from Dollar Tree.)
  2. (Keep a wet napkin and wet Q-tip on hand.) Outline the handle of the mug first.
  3. Draw the other side of the heart, using the handle-side as a guide for symmetry. If you make a mistake, wipe it off with the wet napkin right away and wipe dry. (The marker comes off easily when wet.) Once you have the outline of the heart, draw the lines in thicker. Let dry...only takes a minute.
  4. Write in 'i carry your heart' with a little heart. Use the wet Q-tip if you make a mistake and need to rewrite.
The cup is dishwasher-safe in 72 hours.

The words are from one of my favorites poems my E.E. Cummings - "I carry your heart in my heart." It seemed appropriate for a warm cup of coffee and a Friday to reflect on the week. :)


muah, muah.
have a rockin' weekend!