Monday, September 19, 2011

from the library of + printable bookplates

getting a glimpse into someone's stash of books
is like getting to peek into their personality.

for me, i read as much non-fiction as i do fiction.
most of  my books are mystery, business, organizational,
and self-improvement books.

and i also re-read books over the course of years.
if it's highly unlikely i'll read a book again,
i'll donate it to goodwill.
otherwise, i consider part of my "personal library".

i always loved the idea of having my own
little bookplate for my books.
you know, the ones that say...
this book belongs to...
or ex libris or
from the library of...

so, i created bookplates with the always-stunning
marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn on there.
i simply googled for photos of them reading books.
(of course, being a graphic designer helped with this project.)

there were lots more pics of marilyn than audrey.
but, i love the way they turned out!
(i'm sure these photos are copyrighted,
so i'm not distributing this file for duplication.
sorry, loves, i hope i don't get in hot water either.)
just wanted to do a little show-and-tell...

but, not to leave you empty handed,
i created some bookplates for you too!

here is the pdf file to print your own.
(there are 15 different lovely colors and 30-up on one sheet)
i simply printed them onto avery adhesive paper
(which you can get at staples or any other office supply store)
and trimmed them down. easy peasy.

i'll be using these for hubby + babygirl's books.
this is also make a great gift for a teacher.
most of the teachers i know are avid readers, dontcha think?

hope you enjoy. :)
lata, dolls!

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  1. Fantastic idea! I LOVE to read but I never thought of making book plates and I am so going to do it now. How fun will it be to feel like I have my own little library!? Thanks for the idea, I'm a new follower.

    Brie from