Friday, October 14, 2011

scrapper challenge: tell your story

note: i was going to do a video post
about this year's scrapper challenge,
but after attempting it,
i realized i suck in front of the camera,
so here i am instead. :)

being the organizer of get inspired,
i have met many amazing women
and have heard tons of super-amazing stories.

many of you probably started
scrapbooking the same way i did...
creative memories party? ;)

we all start for various reasons...
but, what keeps you scrapbooking?

some women started when
they discovered they were sick
and wanted to leave their legacy
for their children.

some women use it as a creative outlet,
because they don't feel creative anywhere else.

tons of reasons.
tons of stories.
so, i'm asking you to
tell your story
for the scrapper challenge.

my hope is that you hear stories of
why other women scrapbook
and it reminds you of
why you love it so much
or you discover you
have something in common
and maybe make a new friend.

(btw, if you remember,
make a new friend was
the spring event scrapper challenge
and it was a big hit.
gina myers said she made 50 new friends.
LOL! sorry, i couldn't resist that shout-out.)

i'll start.
there are several reasons why i scrapbook...
  1. i think of scrapbooking as something sheerly for me. yes, i love that i'm leaving something for my children to look at 50 years from now. but, i'm also creating as a way to express myself.
  2. i'm hoping that one day suri and her future siblings will look through my scrapbooks and say: "hey mom was kinda one time." LOL!
  3. i love the social aspect of scrapbooking. this is why i push for that so much for the get inspired events. i've made some great friends from scrapbooking. i think its a great opportunity to connect with people.
  4. it makes me reflect on my blessings. i always feel more grateful after scrapbooking because its usually about someone i love. it's hard to be grouchy when you're scrapbooking.
so, please think about your story.
this is a heads-up:
i'll be asking scrappers to share their story
on the microphone.
*dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuunnnn.*

don't worry, myself or my sister
will be faciliating this, so no pressure.
it will be more like we're having a conversation. ;)

i have given you some nifty gel pens,
so you can write it down.
you could also share your story
with your scrap-neighbor or someone else.

thanks, loves.
over and out.

1 comment:

  1. I will be participating in this!

    I am a scrapbook fanatic.
    People pass judgment sometimes since I'm so young and scrapbook, but I really do enjoy it! :)

    Also, I nominated your blog for an award. Check out the post here:

    Kristen :)