Friday, November 18, 2011

happy get inspired weekend


yay! it's finally here.
i am soooooo crazy excited!!!
it is going to be
a heck of a good time!!!
are you super-stoked?

now that we're in the animal learning center
there is now ample room for our
wall of inspiration.
(this is where scrappers can "show off"
their scrapbook pages to
share ideas and get inspiration.)

i absolutely LOVE seeing
what everyone is working on
and always impressed by the pages.

so, i made this pins from bottle caps
for those who participate
in the wall of inspiration.

totally fun, right?
...and i also made these fabric rosette pins
for those who are volunteering me
set-up today:

i've also scored on a supercute sweater
for suri to wear this weekend.
not a detail overlooked, right? :)
btw, this sweater is totally a mini version.

$7 clearance at target. woo hoo! :)

i added one of my rosette,
but i'm guessing the little booger
will yank it off and refuse to wear it.

she's just starting to talk
and actually know the meanings for
da-da (daddy), mama, nana (banana),
yaya (grandma), more, mum-mum,
thank you...
(btw, i said "i love you" to her just the other day
and she responded with "thank you". hmph.)

my mom-in-law will also be coming
to visit during get inspired .
she claims i've never invited her in the past,
[insert big "whatever" here. LOL!]
so be sure to say hello if you see her.
she's very friendly.
i'm thinking i'll make a big announcement over the PA
and embarrass her a bit. haha!
like every grandma,
she is seriously suri's #1 fan.
i'll leave this post with a pic
of suri and her grandma,
so you know what she looks like. :)

see you soon, my lovelies!
sooooooooo excited!!!!!

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