Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Two: Dig Deeper

Day Two of Insanity Workout. Really hard. I stopped mid-way to take off my shirt, because I was sweating like crazy and hotter than heck. This coming from someone who naturally doesn't sweat that much.

It wasn't until the last third of the DVD that I had to take additional rest breaks from those allotted in the video. (Okay, it was more like laying there on the ground panting for air.) But, I still continued on as best I could. Totally worth it.

I like that the exercises are simple not much of a learning curve. The idea is to keep pushing yourself. "Dig deeper" as Shawn T. says. He, by the way, I love. I've never really liked the workout hosts much. (Hubby has P90X and we also have a old version of Zumba.)
Shawn T. is motivating and clear on his instructions. Little reminders like:
Keep your knees soft.
Stretch with your chest, not your head.
Don't sacrifice form for speed.
Think like a power squat, use your body from the bottom up. (Something like that.)

No air of arrogance about him I like that. He's just really good at what he does and seems like a genuinely caring trainer. Yes, I can tell all this from watching him on the TV. LOL!

I made Hubby and myself open-faced salmon burgers with grilled onions, an egg and asparagus. That's a multigrain thin bun on the bottom. Partially because we got a very large box of wild salmon burgers from Sam's Club. Hubby loves them, but I prefer my salmon raw and in sushi. Different toppings definitely help.


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