Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mommy + suri adventures

my parents and 2 of my sisters + me and suri, of course. (at little park inside arnold's park.)

this past weekend, i took munchkin to
arnold's park in spirit lake with my family.
unfortunately hubby had to work,
so he had to miss babygirl's first official trip
to the amusement park. :(

i had described it to him as
the "same as adventureland"
but when i got there, it was more like
a TINY version of adventureland... 
maybe a third the size.

when remembering it from my childhoood,
it seemed so grand and big.
but, i guessing it's like those
little-kid-size drinking fountains
in elementary school
that seem "normal-size" at the time.

suri was pretty tired at first:

but, sprinkle on some amusement park magic, such as...
  1. a few spoonfuls of dippin' dots (peanut butter chip)
  2. 5 rides on the train
  3. one ride on the carousel
  4. lots of people watching (she STARES at the other kids.)
  5. almost a whole slice of pizza (dough only). babygirl still only has her 2 bottom teeth!
and voila!...you get this...

we had so much fun.
she's becoming such a little ham
and much more adventurous than she used to be.
it's so much fun to see her reactions
and personality in different settings.

i feel a little silly admitting this...
i was just telling hubby that
i finally feel comfortable as a mom.
i know that must sound crazy,
but i has such anxiety before
about taking suri places by myself.
i never took suri outside the house without my hubby
until she was 6 1/2 months old.
and i mean anywhere, not even the grocery store.
not even if someone else was there to help me,
besides my hubby.
sure, i could drop her off at daycare.
but, i felt uncomfortable about taking her even on the
simple errands or visiting friends/family.
i liked the safety, comfort and routine of being at home.
i just felt more prepared.
i don't know how to explain it,
besides calling it anxiety.

now, that anxiety and fear of being a new mom
has finally subsided.
babygirl has been going everywhere.
i take her to the grocery store, swimming pool...
even 3 hours away to arnold's park.
and i'm just loving it.

thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers,
and for helping me overcome that fear.
i could not feel more blessed.

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  1. you are such a good mom, I'm glad you feel more comfortable. You two look beautiful by the way :)