Thursday, August 25, 2011

'round here

this is my little loverdog, fancy.

my hubby jokes that
if i had to save a group of people or a group of dogs,
i'd save the dogs.
what can i say?
i'm a doglover.
(i added that little heart in the above pic.
i know that's what she's thinking.) :)

fancy is the most loyal dog you'll ever meet.
(back off, other dog-owners, fancy holds the title on this blog.)
she's 6 years old, she just has a puppy face. hehee.
she eases my anxiety and increases my peace.
she never tires of cuddling...
who couldn't benefit from a good cuddling, right?

my favey coffee cup has a fancy's twin peeking over:
(they're fraternal, not identical, okay?!)

the new house is still quite a mess.
lots of unpacking and decorating to do.
surprisingly, it hasn't been all that stressful, mostly busy.

it already feels calm and homey here.
i guess, for me, home is wherever my hubby, suri, and fancy are.
okay, maybe my books, camera and computer too. lol!

yesterday, i visited borders's going-out-of-business sale.
despite the good deals, it made me sad.
i can't tell you the countless hours
i would spend in there,
especially when i was prego.
i got this book for $2.39:

i read it in 2 hours.
and loved it.
i hate calling books "easy reads",
so i'm call it a "sunday afternoon read"
...on a wednesday for me.
there are moments in there that struck me,
where i thought "wow, this book is really good."
i love being surprised like that.
best $2.39 i spent all summer.

i also got these googly-eyed dinosaur books for suri.
adorable, right?

in our new house, we have this little "nook" in our bedroom.
we found a cool bookshelf to go in there.
(this photo makes it look short, but it's over 6' tall.)

i took the sleeves off all the hardcovers,
to give them a simpler, cleaner look.
the sleeves were so busy.
the cloth looks much prettier.

that's it 'round here.
just thought i'd catch you up on some stuff,
since i've been horrible about posting.
tata for now.
(from fancy too.)

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