Monday, December 19, 2011

coldplay k-cups

one of my girlfriends is obsessed with coldplay.
i mean obseeeeesssssssed.

her b-day happens to be on christmas,
so i made her these coldplay k-cups.
(she works the night shift and has a cup of coffee
from her keurig machine every night.)

i thought this was a fun idea.
kinda like picking a song or album
for whatever mood she's in.
the album covers are always really artsy
and perfect for a pretty project.

here's what the box looked like before it
was rocked out by coldplay artwork:

i opened the box up with an exacto knife
on its side, not top.
then, i flipped the k-cups face-up

i found photos of the band by googling "coldplay image" 
and printed them on my picturemate for the outside of the box.
(luckily i didn't need anything that was bigger than a 4x6
to cover each side of the box.)

flipping the k-cups face-up had made the box widen,
so i folded one of my printed photos in half,
glued it on and rounded one side for the flap.

for the k-cup toppers, i got the album artwork
from the coldplay website
under the 'recordings' section
and click on the 'art' link for each album cover.
(see where i marked with a yellow arrow below.)

i used a 1 1/8" punch for the keurig circle. 1" would work too.

the k-cup toppers are all 2" circles.
i reduced the size of the album cover artwork,
printed them out and punched them with a 2" punch.

the box was 18-count = 18 gorgeous album covers.

i glued them on with my tombo glue runner.
she'll have to take each album photo topper
off each one before she uses it.
(the keurig machine probably shouldn't
attempt to puncture the album cover toppers.)
don't worry, the toppers come off easily
because the tops aren't perfectly flat.

there are tons of keurig lovers out there
that this gift could be customized for.

i'm super-stoked about how it turned out!
the coldplay album art is so totally rad, which helps. :D
maybe a holiday edition...or a twilight version??!!

happy holidays, my lovelies.

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