Tuesday, December 27, 2011

time capsule ornament

hope you had a merry, merry Christmas!
mine was loud, busy and fun.
suri was spoiled like crazy
and is enjoying all of her new toys.

december   f   l    e   w   by for us.
so, to remember this fun and festive time,
i made this time capsule ornament for suri...

i got the glittery tree ornament at target in the dollar bin.

i wrote '2011' on there with a sharpie paint marker.

i  tied up the important suri info. :)

what is she like right now?
here's what i wrote on the suri sheet:

Suri is almost 17 mos old.
She is such a quick learner
and VERY observant.

She took her dad’s keys and tried to 

unlock the front door with them.

She took his electric shaver
and pretended to shave her face.

She took my curling iron and pretended 

to curl her own hair.

She helps put on her own lotion after her bath - 

she rubs it all over her tummy.

She learned the word ‘No’and  tells us if 

she doesn’t like a particular food or outfit.
(She already won’t wear something 

she doesn’t like.)

She loves wearing her dress-up shoes 

and is already such a  girlie girl, 
except she hates hair things. 
She now lets  us put pigtails in without
yanking them out.

She gives “running” hugs and sometimes kisses. 

(Now, she doesn’t like to give too many
kisses like before.)

She still loves the book “Where is 

baby’s belly button?” She has it at daycare
too. But, she picks at her belly button afterwards.

She cries to type on my computer 

because she likes the typing sounds.

She currently has 4 top teeth
and 4 bottom teeth and wears
size 4 shoes. (Her feet are little!)

She has a preference towards
anyone that wears glasses.
She especially loves her
uncle Addison, cousins Leighton
and Bryan and Grandpa Boune.

She dances ALL THE TIME.
She loves playing any sort of
pretend game.
She also does a dramatic

She says the word “Bath” and extends it out, 

like “baaaaaath” - she wants to take one all the time.

She takes medicine easily, but fights 

you like crazy if you try to clip her nails 
or do the nose suction.

Every time we turn on the Christmas tree and 

lights, she says “Wow”. 
If it’s not on, she points at it to remind us. 
She doesn’t pull the ornaments off or 
mess with it. She’s a good girl.

She likes to throw her diapers
or other garbage away by
herself and afterwards
she waits for you to clap
and say “Good Job.” She claps
along with you.

She’s very smart and picks things up 

without us even teaching them to her. 
She’s our ray of sunshine.

i plan to do one every year, so she can see
how much she grows every year.
p.s. more suri pics to follow.

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