Thursday, June 2, 2011

a girly necktie

oh yeeeeaaaaaaa, i'm excited for june. woot! woot!
so many fun events to look forward to.
but, you will have to wait and see, my loves.
my goal is to post lots more,
so you'll forgive me for slacking in may. ;)

let's start it off with a crafty project.
here is what i would describe as
a girly + modern version of a man's necktie.
i adore this project and i found it at: Crazy Wonderful.

i decided to make this for my little sis, skyler.

she turns 21 this month + she landed a full-time job
at her company, which means no more weekends +
a raise + a set schedule. yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!
i could go on and on about how wonderful this is,
but when it comes down to it:
i'm hoping she gets to visit des moines more.

i picked out a purple and gray tie for spring.
(burlington coat factory @ $7.)

i changed it up a little from her instructions:
  1. i used hot glue instead of sewing. (i won't kid myself that i actually know how to sew.)
  2. i made it shorter because i thought it looked cuter "bib-style" -  more like a necklace/accessory rather than part of a shirt.
  3. i did not add a button. i like that you can clearly tell it's a man's tie. i prefer the layered look - like with strings of pearls shown. 
adding some stacked bracelets and high heels would be perfect.  definitely one of those just-for-fun projects.

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  1. Totally bookmarked this project. John has so many unused ties! Super cuteness!