Sunday, June 19, 2011

world's greatest dad award goes to...

being a dad came naturally to my hubby.
he was so calm.
and loving.
i was always anxious about everything.
he'd soothe me.
and soothe suri.

the breastfeeding was so hard.
suri woke up every half hour to an hour to eat.
night or day.
the doctor called it 'cluster feeding.'
this lasted for 3 months.

my hubby was my biggest cheerleader.
and my biggest whipping post.

he understood how exhausted i was.
but, he was exhausted too.

he'd wake up with me every time she cried.
he'd change her diaper.
he'd help me sit up and make myself comfortable.
i'd feed her and lay her down.
and we'd we start all over again. again. and again.

now that suri's almost 11 months, she's a lot easier.
and she is definitely a daddy's girl.

he lets her take naps on his chest.
he holds her and they chillax and watch sports together.

they watch youtube music videos and he sings to her.

he washes off all her "blow-out" clothes that
come back from daycare loaded with poop.
(and makes gagging sounds the whole time. LOL.)

he is an amazing father.
and a wonderful husband.

when we were guessing the sex of the baby,
he was adamant that it was a girl.
i was certain it was a boy.
i said it was mother's instinct.
he said it was father's instinct.

well, i guess he was right.
i suppose i can say that on father's day. :)

for his first father's day,
i wanted to make him something memorable.
so, here it is ...
a scrapbooked shadowbox display:
i found this at a thrift store for $2.99 and decided to scrapbook it.

this is borrowed from a poster i saw at hallmark.

see the cute, cut-out suri peeking out above the circle? ;)

i put a family photo into a tim holtz vial.

more tim holtz vials: one with a piece of paper that says 'wish'. one baby photo of suri and one with music.

YUM YUM. pretty irresistible, right?

haaaaaaaaaaaappy father's day
to all the dads out there.

especially suri's. ;)

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  1. I love this and now must stalk my local thrift shops for a printer's drawer!!!