Saturday, June 18, 2011

that's my babygirl

this week has been
m o n u m e n t a l
for suri.
  1. she got her first tooth (at 10 1/2 months!)
  2. she pulled herself up to stand!
  3. she started crawling!
(i'm going to have to refrain myself from using
too many exclamation points in this post.
it's been exciting!!!!)

teething has made her pretty grouchy.
only one tooth so far.
the second one is not quite showing yet.
her grandma says that if your teeth come in one-by-one,
instead of as pairs, you are going to be naughty. LOL.
let's hope not.
trust me, her grandma has a million superstitions.

suri actually stood up before she crawled.
all the sudden i look over and she's standing in her playpen!
i think it's time to put the playpen down.

i had to inch my way to the camera,
hoping not to distract her and cause a fall.
i was seriously holding my breath
and gliding like a crazy trapeze person.

suri has NEVER been a fan of crawling.
we thought she was just going to skip it.

she'd occasionally get on all fours
and rock back and forth.

here she is rocking.

then, we picked her up from daycare the other day.
they said she crawled across the room!

as soon as we got her home,
we called her grandma on skype
and were ready for a show.
and boy, did we get one.
cutest baby crawl ever.
here's a little snippet.

bravo, babygirl!
you did it.

yes, that's me towards the end of the video freaking out.
dontcha just hate listening to the sound of your own voice?
always sounds weird.

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  1. let the suri-baby-proofing-the-house begin! Lock those doors suri's on the move!