Thursday, July 7, 2011

$1 and ten minutes

hi loves,

my time is ticking down for suri's bday
and i made this ribbon in a snap.

i was inspired by paige evans' birthday badges
for this diy project/makeover.

i purchased the award ribbon from dollar tree for $1.
i created the artwork on my computer.
(but, you could easily just cut out the circle
from patterned scrapbook paper and stamp your title.)
if your circle looks jaggedy from being hand-cut,
lightly sand the edges.

next, hotglue all the ribbons in.
(i added some hot pink netting too.)
then, add a doily on the back.
i cut a space for the pin
and used my taperunner to attach it.

something fun to add to the day. :)

happy thursday!

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