Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i like it after all

i finally took suri swimming for the first time!
she is craaaazaaaay for bathtime,
so i was certain she would be a natural waterbaby.
or a 'pool rat', as my sister calls it.

when we first arrived, it was lifeguard "break" time,
so my babygirl got her tan on.
(look at those rolls!)

when we finally got in the water,
i think the cold was a MAJOR shock for her.
she cried and screamed like we were trying to torture her.

that lasted for about 5 minutes, until she got used to it.
then, she LOVED it.

she splished.
she splashed.
i even took her to the deeper end,
and held her, while she kicked her chubba legs.

she's a total natural. :)

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