Tuesday, July 5, 2011

she's sweet and cool

suri's 1st birthday is at the end of this month.
no doubt it will be sizzling hot,
so i decided to make her party theme
sweet and cool.

i made her invitations to look like popicles.
they say:

she's sweet 
and cool
and so much fun.
come join the party
suri's turning one.

first, i created the invitation in a 2.75w x 4h size.
(i used a adobe illustrator, but this could easily
be done in photoshop as well.)

nothing too fancy in setting it up.
i simply made each letter a different color
for 'suri's turning one'.
the font i used is 'prissyfratboy'
and can be found here for free.
i used it in all CAPS.

i took them to my local printer and printed 50 of them.
i asked them to trim them down to 2.75w x 4h for me.
this all cost me about $5.
(the printing was much better than from my own printer.)

i bought zots and wooden popsicle sticks from michaels.

for the back of the popsicle,
i bought scrapbooking paper in a pink stripe
and used my paper trimmers to cut them into 2.75w x 4h size.

i rounded all the corners of the invitations and the backing.

i laid my pink stripe backing facedown
(the other size was polka dot)
and used my glue runner along all the edges of the paper
and used a zot on each side of the popsicle stick,
placing it a little more that halfway up.

after affixing the invitation on the front,
i used my scalloped circle punch to
take a "bite" out of the corner.

if you have questions or want my illustrator file,
hit me up via email at minnaks at gmail dot com.
lata, dolls!


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  1. Love this idea- so clever to use the popsicle sticks. I'm going to share this on my pinterest board, too. Great job!

  2. Too cute! I am planning a summer party and would like to send out popsicles invites as well. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Seriously too cute! Your blog is great.

  4. awesome and adorable!