Thursday, April 7, 2011

get inspired: scrapper challenge

as you know, i've been trying to fill the last scrapper seats.
which means... going back to grassroots.
i.e. handing out info cards to scrappers in aisles.
i knooow, doesn't sound fun.'s actually not that bad.

with finding my business clients and organizing get inspired,
i've really had to push myself to be more outgoing.
this was a definite struggle at first.
i'm much more comfortable as an introvert.

but, over the years, it's gotten easier and easier.
i learned a valuable lesson:
you just have to put yourself out there.
(my hubby would actually say these exact words to me -
when i'd get discouraged. and it's so true.)

i've found, even when i'm approaching a random person,
people are generally open and friendly.
especially scrapbookers. :)

one of the comments from last year's survey was:
"i made a new friend."
that brought a instant smile to my face.
i felt so proud that i helped create a friendship.
there is nothing more inspiring than a friend.

so, my scrapper challenge for this Spring event is:
my lovely assistant

...with one of the get inspired prizes.

vanna ain't got nothin' on my baby girl.


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  1. She is such a doll and I'm sure a lot of help. This is my first Get Inspired event. I hope to meet lots of new friends.