Tuesday, April 12, 2011

real simple x 2

hello my lovelies,

look what arrived in the mail today:
my all-time favey magazine Real Simple!
two of them.  

funny story...
i accidentally subscribed to real simple...twice.
one came address to my married name...
and one to my maiden name.

oopsies. i thought my old subscription was over. LOL!
well, i'm giving this extra issue to a lucky scrapper -
as a prize at get inspired.

i am not kidding you, i LOVE this magazine.
it's chock-full of ideas to make your life easier,
hence the name.
i even love the type of paper it's printed on.
sorry, it's the graphic designer in me.

so, keep 'em coming, mr. mailman.
i'll keep paying it forward. hehee.

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