Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rad booth props

hello again sweets,

look what i made!
pretty rad, right? (if i do say so myself. hehee)

i used my silhouette sd machine.
definitely need to use THICK (i'm talkin bazzil-thick paper)
when attempting these. otherwise the paper doesn't lay flat.
i have a whole reject pile to prove it.

i used some of my old 'rockstar' paper + black cardstock.
the one in the upper left says: Get Inspired Spring '11 ROCKS
pretty hard to read, but i attached with a zot. nuff said.

guess who those baby-size ones are for...

the girl that looks more and more like her mama!
unfortunately, my assistant is not here to model her mini props.
i'll have to post a pic later. :)


  1. awww fancy girl is soo cute! looks like she got a bath. :)im officially sad that im gonna be missing out.. :(

  2. those are flipping awesome! Counting down the days!!!