Sunday, April 10, 2011

get inspired: wall of inspiration

yay!!!! we're bringing back the wall of inspiration.
it's a place to hang up your completed layouts,
so others can share in your beautiful pages
and maybe find ideas/inspiration for themselves.

i made some goodies!!! woot! woot!
check out these mini metal birdhouses...
i only could get my hands on 17 of these little metal cuties,
so the race is on!

several scrappers requested a "contest" of sorts.

i am definitely not being a judge.
it would be waaaaaay too hard to choose.

so, i made these "you are my FAVE" ribbons
for those unlucky ladies with this duty.
(anyone want to volunteer for this?)

little badges of honor.
they say "LOVELY PARTICIPANT: wall of inspiration" on the back.


  1. I nominate T-MAN...and myself to be judges.

  2. Alison and I will help out if you need us. Bernie Merrill