Wednesday, April 6, 2011

get inspired: a switch-up

originally my idea was to get everyone birdhouses
as their 'get inspired gift' (going with the Spring theme.)

however, i couldn't find any that had the value i wanted.
(flashback to my drake days ... quality + price = value)

so, i decided to switch it up...

first of all, i got everyone travel mugs:

i listened to 'my peeps' on this one. hehee.
several scrappers gave feedback they wanted covered cups.
nothing worse than spilling on your scrapbook supplies.

these are 'design your own mug' ones and look how cute they are -
i simply put a piece of scrapbook paper in there!
they are only 11 oz'ers, but they get the job done.

secondly, i got everyone bags:

another practical choice.
when were were setting up at our last event,
the papers went flying when the doors were opened.

i thought: if i'm gonna get bags, why not get colorful ones...
and reusable??? weeeeellllll...
freebies that are F U N and practical,
not a bad switch-up, dontcha think?


  1. Good choices! Looking forward to next weekend!

  2. Great ideas Minna! I think everyone will love them! Good thinkin hot mama!

  3. I think the choices are much more usable to all. I fully know what the spilling does to a page but sometimes it has a interesting result.