Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring event, you are my fave

a photobooth pic

the spring event was sooooo much fun.
i think it was because i got to relax and enjoy myself.
this past november, i was nervous about the new location.
this time, i had things figured out.
it was sooooooo nice.
i felt like i just socialized the whole time! seriously.

it was a different crowd for sure. lots of newbies.
and the veterans were so sweet. they did a great job of
settling in and helping create a positive and social atmosphere.
i feel like they always get what i'm trying to do.

at the end of it, i thought:
this is exactly the type of event i want get inspired to be.

i'm not gonna lie...this april timeframe was hard.
it's unlikely the event will be 2x a year.
but, it was worth every stinkin bit of crazy.

here are my (random) thoughts about the event:
  1. wall of inspiration participants were awesome. there were many deserving FAVES.
  2. the vendors rocked!!! they were generous with the prizes and the make-and-takes were impressive.
  3. there were lots of younger girls at this event - so precious. keona (who i'm guessing was around 10 years old) stayed with her sew many memories crew until midnight. she also won the 1-hr free massage from massage heights. LOL!
  4. photobooth from a special event dj was priceless - the amount of laughter and giggles that came from that thing was truly amazing.
  5. kim and kat from scrap inn gave away 200 free t-shirts. wowza! was so wonderful making new friends. thank you, ladies, for embracing the scrapper challenge. seriously, i don't think that anyone left with a frown on their face.

1 comment:

  1. Minna by far the best one yet!!! Seriously had so much face hurt from smiling and laughing all day! Thanks for hosting such an amazing event for Des Moines!