Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i heart jj heller

i left suri for the first time this past friday.
for jj heller's concert in dubuque to be exact.

i'm happy to report that i survived my overnighter away
and it was a great time with some lovely girlfriends.

the concert was a-ma-zing. it was an intimate setting,
where she told the background story of her songwriting.
btw, she writes and sings with her hubby. (he was quite funny.)
they were the most darling couple...and so real.
i feel like i know them now. lol!

(you can't tell from the poor cell phone picture quality
 but, she was rockin' a supercute prego belly!)

we rode there like ballers in jill's envoy.
angel brought a couple bottles of wine for the hotel.
we all talked and just hung out.
rachel was a great bed buddy.
the breakfast was surprisingly good for a hotel freebie.
i only pulled a "minna" once and walked to the wrong car.
it turned out to be a really relaxing weekend.

i also bought myself a 'i [heart] jj' t-shirt...

...which they signed!!!
yes, that's a smiley face next to her signature.
love it.

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